Cute Boys And Puppies

The Handsome Men’s Club – C.B.A.P. remix

A couple people have been kind enough to send me the link to the Handsome Men’s Club. Let me first say that it is hilarious and you should watch every second of it:

It inspired a few new (and a few old) Google image searches and along they way I found some of the members of the Handsome Men’s Club in C.B.A.P. style.

How could you not adore a guy riding around with two squishable
pups in his car?

I liked Josh Hartnett better before the creepster facial hair, but
he is still undeniably adorable, as is the puppeh.

I’ve been looking for a picture of Liev Schrieber for a long time. Worth it.

Don’t look so worried, Ethan. You know we love ya.

Ignore that lady on the left. Taye Diggs = the man.

I couldn’t find any puppy pictures of the last two fellas, but I figured I’d just throw them in for good measure. Enjoy.

A side dish of Matt Damon…

Followed by a dessert of Gilles Marini.

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  1. * Kelly Watson says:

    Tsk! Photoshop, ladies!

    Just kidding. I love them even without the dogs.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago

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