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Mad about Mad Men.

I sure do love me some Jon Hamm.

Let’s do a without, shall we?

Did all men look like this in the ’60s? If so, I propose we invent a time machine, ladies.

‘Twas a long, long time ago…

That I last posted on here. For shame. I’m back, with renewed energy for Google searches with the word “cute” in them, and last night I found a true gem.

That dapper young man on the right is JFK. I think he’s holding a cat, but that’s ok with me. That other guy beside him has a dog.

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Black Friday shoppin’

Be sure to inspect all packages closely before purchasing.

Both of ’em look good to me, ladies.

Today we’re thankful for…

Many, many things. Including (but not limited to) this:


I’m sorry, was I saying something? I seem to have lost my train of thought…

Happy Turkey day!

A little bit of tongue.

Some times those big, sloppy kisses are the best kind.

Look at that leg action. Go, puppy, go!

We like it when they’re cute AND smart.

Don Miller sure fills those shoes. First, the cute:

Now the smart. Don is an author who most people know from his book Blue Like Jazz. He is currently touring for his new book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Not to get all serious up in C.B.A.P., but Don is a person I truly admire for his work and his ambition. You can read his blog here: and follow him on Twitter here: (which is where I totally ripped off this picture of him and his pup Lucy).

I’m bringing puppeh back.

And all you kittens don’t know how to act.


I don’t care how lame your songs are, JT. You’re still C.B.A.P. worthy.

Lotsa Glee to go around.

Matthew Morrison is the definition of Cute Boy. The puppeh isn’t so bad, either 😉


Music to my eyes, lovelies.

For you… A Monday morning kiss.

Thank you, Bradley Cooper.


You can kiss us any time you like. We promise not to lick your face.

Just in case you need another reason to see New Moon.

I present you with Kellan Lutz (aka Emmet). *le sigh*


Mark your calendars, ladies. It’s officially one week until the newest vampire-y goodness that is the Twilight Saga.