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Another local treat.

Thanks so David, we have a local cutie on tap for today:

Heads together! Everybody say it now, “Awww!”

Cute hubbies.

Have we  mentioned lately that we love when you submit your pictures to

Well, we do.

Jasmine knows it, and so she sent us a picture of her hubster, Cory.



So come on… send ’em over!

This is Sam.

Sam is cute. And Sam is holding a puppy. Observe.


Thanks, Jasmine – you know how to make a sunny Friday a little bit extra sunny.

Every lady needs a Ryan Van Every.

Suzie’s boyfriend was a Cute Boys and Puppies model before he even knew what C.B.A.P. was. Well done, Ryan.


Why yes, we would LOVE to join you for an adult beverage.


Keep ’em coming, ladies and gents.

Another local treat.

Did we mention we love local submissions of Cute Boys and Puppies?

Well, really, we welcome any submission (just shoot an e-mail to, but local is always a nice touch.

Here’s another one for the books, ladies:


Thanks for the submission, Jonathan! We here at C.B.A.P. approve of the cuteness of you and your curly pup, Terry.

Repeat offender.

Dominick now goes on the record as being our very first repeat post here at Cute Boys and Puppies.

But how could we resist?

You don’t have to tell me you’re an attention whore, Dom, I already knew. 😀


Today I received an email from my friend Dominick:

shaNELLE! what a SHAMEful blog!!

I hung my head in shame. A tear glimmered in my eye.

And then I noticed the attachments.

Let’s get a close up of that pupper, shall we?

Here’s to Dom, who knows a good opportunity when he sees one. 😉

Mondays stink.

Cute boys and puppies do not.

Since today is one of those lame holidays where only part of the population gets to take a day off work for no good reason, those of us who are at work need a little extra inspiration to get through the day. Behold, your Monday morning Cute Boys and Puppies collage.

In case you didn’t notice, the common theme is Shirtless Cute Boys and Puppies. Bonus points for photos including water.

Local cuties.

It’s clear that we love cute boy and puppies. Celebrity cuties and model cuties are easy to find, but we really like when you all email in your pictures. So here are a couple we received from you.

Check out those grins. Jordan and pup.

Check out those grins. Jordan and pup.

Jordan is Jackie’s bestie and we can easily see why. Cay-ooooot!

John Snyder sent in this photo of him and his bundle of cute.

John Snyder sent in this photo of him and his bundle of cute.

So send ’em in, peebles! We want your cute and we want it now!