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Vampires + puppies = good idea

Go ahead, bite me.


Thank you, Kellan. You've just made my day.

Amanda Quillen, you deserve some sort of award for this one.

Mondays stink.

Cute boys and puppies do not.

Since today is one of those lame holidays where only part of the population gets to take a day off work for no good reason, those of us who are at work need a little extra inspiration to get through the day. Behold, your Monday morning Cute Boys and Puppies collage.

In case you didn’t notice, the common theme is Shirtless Cute Boys and Puppies. Bonus points for photos including water.

Boy. Beach. Doogies.

Hello, Mr. I-can’t-see-your-face-but-I-really-really-kinda-like-your-back-side, and welcome to Cute Boys and Puppies.

man and dog


I am about to go overboard here. I do not apologize for it.

A tribute to Orlando Bloom, his sexiness, and his lurve for puppies.

orlando-bloom-dog Orlando_Bloom_takes_d939



This is heaven, is it not? This must be what heaven feels like. Best collage I have ever created. Ever.

Oh, wait. Not done yet.



And arguably the best of them all?


Orlando Bloom with dog. In a bed.


Fierce competition.

Do I have any idea what this young gentleman’s name is? Nope.

Do I care? Nope.

Hot Man With Dog

Hot Man With Dog