Cute Boys And Puppies

A brand new Muse.

Last night I was one lucky lady. I got to see Muse in concert in Philly and drool over Matthew Bellamy for over an hour while listening to ear-bustingly good music. I felt a little spark in my heart when Bellamy started singing “Feeling Good” and I swooned as he played the piano.

Then, this morning, my heart nearly exploded when I found this:

Yeah, it’s not a real puppy. Guess what. Don’t care!

We just can’t help ourselves.

It’s like Kellan keeps getting photographed with pups on purpose. I think he must read our blog.

A big thank you to Jackie for the last picture, and for inspiring this post. Many, many people are grateful.

I was born for lovin’ you, baby…

You were born for C.B.A.P.

Honestly, you can’t tell me that the photographer didn’t say “Quick! Grab that dog! We need a shot for Cute Boys and Puppies.”

Perfection, Jamie. Simple perfection.

I wouldn’t mind getting Lost…

I’ve been watching a lot of Lost on Hulu and I have to say, it inspires me. I thought I should share some of the inspiration with you…



And puppy!

I gotta say, the island doesn’t look so bad with these boys around.

Hey, Jude.

Don’t worry, Mr. Law. You never let us down.

Since there are two puppehs in the picture, I think Jude deserves another shot. Just to make it even, y’know.

There, that’s better.

Old, old fashioned.

Cute boys and puppies are nothing new. This guy proves it.

I don’t know who you are, sir, but I sure do like you.


I’ve been seeing a lot of Gerard’s face plastered on magazines at the super market. Yesterday I saw one and I thought to myself, “That cute boy must have a cute puppy.” Behold:

Hm. That picture doesn’t showcase Mr. Butler’s full talents. Let’s see…

*whew* *ahem* Excuse me. I need to sit down.

Mad about Mad Men.

I sure do love me some Jon Hamm.

Let’s do a without, shall we?

Did all men look like this in the ’60s? If so, I propose we invent a time machine, ladies.

‘Twas a long, long time ago…

That I last posted on here. For shame. I’m back, with renewed energy for Google searches with the word “cute” in them, and last night I found a true gem.

That dapper young man on the right is JFK. I think he’s holding a cat, but that’s ok with me. That other guy beside him has a dog.

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With and without.

I think I’ll start something new here on C.B.A.P. We like to highlight cute boys and puppies, but the puppies seem to take the spotlight most of the time. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But these boys deserve some recognition. From here on out, whenever possible, I’m going to give you a “with” and a “without”. Zac Efron will demonstrate.


And without:

Well done, Zac. Well done.